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Donation for the better of
our future world

Established in September 2023, RISE is committed to empowering individuals to excel academically. Through workshops, seminars, and community service events, we provide access to educational resources and support. Led by Chief Innovation Officer Toney Favors, our dedicated team collaborates with academic organizations to guide you academically, connect you to resources, and foster a culture of giving back and building brighter futures together.


Our mission is to empower individuals through innovative educational resources and support.


Our vision is to inspire brighter futures through integrated education and community outreach initiatives.

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Accessible Education for
All People of Colors

Empower all individuals, regardless of color, through accessible education opportunities, ensuring equal access to learning and advancement.


$0 / $67.500

Food Bank Initiatives

Support our food bank initiatives to provide
essential nourishment and support for individuals
facing food insecurity and hunger.


$2000 / $12.000

Ongoing Donation

Join our ongoing donation efforts to support education and
provide essential assistance to those in need today.


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Overcoming the issues with
our true values


We value inclusivity and aim to provide access to resources for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Commitment To Education

RISE is dedicated to promoting education as a pathway to success and believes in the importance of continuous learning and growth.

Giving Back

RISE encourages individuals to give back to their communities and support others on their journey to success.

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Current Issues

Stay informed on pressing matters with our comprehensive
coverage of current issues affecting education and society

News & Update
January 15, 2024

The Impact of Accessible
Education on Community

Human development is based on education, which is essential for knowledge acquisition and for advancing society. However, its revolutionary potential can only be fully realized when it is made available…
News & Update
January 15, 2024

Supporting Teachers: Recognizing
Their Vital Role in Shaping Bright

The future generation’s minds are shaped and guided by their teachers, who are the foundation of our educational system. They do much more for students than just teach; they encourage,…
News & Update
January 15, 2024

Community Engagement : The
Importance of Giving Back and Making
a Difference

One of the primary principles of community responsibility is community engagement, which represents how people and organizations actively work to improve their communities. It emphasizes the value of giving back,…
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